Month: August 2022


Planning for a stay in a spa hotel

Anyone who has had a busy or stressful time should definitely consider a break in a spa hotel. The facilities at a spa hotel will help you to fight off the stress and strain of every day life. As well as the usual pool, there will be gym facilities, exercise classes such as yoga, and a lot of options for pampering with skin care treatments or relaxation therapies.

What to take to a spa hotel

The first thing to consider is why you want to go there. Are you going because you’ve had a difficult time and want to relax? Or are you going because you are feeling a little unhealthy and unfit and want to give yourself a kick start to develop a healthier way of living?

If it is the former then all you need to do is take along a few changes of clothes and a swimsuit. Chances are you’ll be spending most of the time relaxing by the pool in a bathrobe while you wait for your pampering treatments. Make sure you book these in advance as the hotel will also be giving appointments to non-residents and you don’t want to be disappointed.

If you are looking to give your health a boost then take a look at the list of exercise classes and services that they offer. Are you fit enough to give the treadmill a go? Or do you want to ease into it a little more gently with a yoga or Pilates class? For either of these you are going to need some comfy exercise clothes.

As an example, when choosing leggings, NZ residents might look for a supplier that offers matching leggings and t-shirt sets for a good value price. Leggings are essential for exercise. They are not loose and will not catch on exercise equipment. At the same time, they are soft and comfortable to wear and will move when you do, instead of restrict you. It is worth looking at the suppliers of leggings NZ so you can see the various options and find a style and fit that will suit you. Leggings are perfect for all kinds of exercise, but yoga and Pilates definitely require this type of clothing.

Pack well

Shopping for leggings in NZ is not the only thing you should consider. Your packing for the hotel should also include the usual changes of clothes. Is there a nice restaurant where you will eat in the evening? If so you will need to have something a little smarter than you would wear during the day. You should also make sure you take toiletries with you. Good spa hotels are notorious for offering good quality complementary toiletries, but if you have sensitive skin they may not agree with you, so take along your own just in case.

It is worth asking if you can visit the hotel first to see the facilities before you book your spa break. Most people will go for two or three days but if you are lucky enough to go for a week or more then you might want to see what is on offer so you can plan your time accordingly.