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Staying in Hotels

May 26, 2022 by Magnus

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Tips on Choosing the Right Hotel

Do you have a trip coming up and you need to stay at a hotel? Maybe you are looking for a ‘staycation’ and you want a hotel that will meet all your needs. The options are limitless when it comes to hotels around you. A simple online search will yield hundreds of results. It can get quite overwhelming when you are trying to choose one from the many options that are popping up. Some great tips for choosing the right hotel are:

Read Reviews

Never underestimate the value of reading reviews when choosing hotels. The reviews give you a glimpse of what you should expect from the hotel you are considering. You should also check ratings and even go a step further to consult with people who have stayed at particular hotels to ask them for a first-hand narration of what their experience was.

Check Amenities

When you are choosing a hotel to stay in, you should check the amenities it has. Look into whether the amenities they have match your needs. Some of the amenities that you should look for include stable internet connectivity if you need to be online, safe and secure parking, dining facilities, clean rooms, among others. You should countercheck with the facility if you are not sure of the amenities they have.

Consider Location

Make it a habit to only stay in safe locations. There have been horror stories about death in hotels which were not in safe locations. Other than safety, look at how convenient the hotel will be to you. Think of what you will be doing during your trip and then factor in your location. For instance, if you are looking for a quiet gateway where you will be alone with your thought, it might not be such a good idea to get a hotel right in the middle of the city.

Ask About Costs

Always be sure of how much you will be expected to pay before you book into any hotel. Have a set budget of how much you plan to spend on the hotel. You should then start looking for hotels that fall within your budget. Never assume that what is written on their website is exactly what you will be expected to pay. Ask about additional charges and the methods of payment that the hotel accepts.

In order to get the best deals from hotels, you should expand your research and check out as many options as possible. Another trick is to start your search early so that you can compare and contrast the many options that are available for you. In case of any doubt, always reach out to the hotel owner for clarification.

Getting the Best Deal When Booking Hotel

Staying at a hotel does not have to be expensive. There are tips and tricks that can allow you to stay at the best hotels without breaking the bank. With these tips, you no longer have to worry about spending all your money on accommodation while on vacation or even work-related trips.

Contact the Hotel Directly

While most hotels always have their prices and rates on their website, you can bag a good deal by calling or emailing them. There is no harm in reaching out to the hotel and asking them if they can give you a discount. This works well if you are planning to stay at the hotel for many days. Most hotels are always open to negotiating a good rate.

Ask for Recommendations

There are many gems in form of fairly priced hotels that will not show up in your search engine. That is why sometimes the best deals are those that you get from recommendations. If you know an avid traveler, reach out to them and ask them to suggest some of the well-priced places they have stayed. There are also many social media platforms such as blogs.

Book Off Season

Embrace money saving tips during your travel by aiming for off-season travels. If you have to travel during peak season such as the summer, you should try and book your hotel early enough before hotels hike prices due to increased demand.

Use an Agent

There are hotels that give agents generous discounts. You are even better advantaged if you go for a package deal that includes things like transport, accommodation and site visits. Choose a reputable agent who has good reviews and has been in the business for a long. they are more likely to give you a deal that will save you not just money but also time.

Another way that you can get a good deal from the hotel you are booking is by using coupon codes. You can check out the different deals that are available online. Do not let limited finances stop you from visiting the places you desire. Start your search for a good deal today and you can be sure that you will find something that meets your exact needs and interests.

Making the Most Out of Hotel Stay

Many people who book into hotels admit that they never get the time to enjoy the facility. This should not be the case. When you are staying at a hotel, you should endeavor to make the best out of your time. You are paying for it after all.

Tips on Having a Good Hotel Stay

  • Use the “Do not disturb” sign: It is perfectly fine for you not to want anyone to come into your from during your stay. Do not be afraid of hanging the sign for nobody to come into your room. It allows you to relax and have a good time without worrying about someone knocking on your door.
  • Use the complimentary items: Most hotels will give their guests complimentary items such as coffee, tea and snacks. Take them and use them if you need to. They will make your stay more comfortable.
  • Make specific requests beforehand: Do you have any dietary needs or allergic reactions that you want the hotel to be aware of? You should definitely let them know in advance so that they make the necessary adjustments.
  • Inform hotel about special occasion: There are hotels that have good deals for people who are celebrating birthdays, wedding anniversaries, work promotions and other interesting things in their lives. You can always let them know and see if they will give you a gift or discount.

When you are staying at a hotel, have the right mindset and make sure you are enjoying every bit of it. Put on some interesting movies or music at the end of the day and unwind.

What to Consider When Setting Up Hotel

Having a hotel can be a lucrative business. As long as you have the right strategies and plans, you can end up running a very successful establishment. Where most people who are running hotel businesses fail is that they do not spend time doing their research before they open shop.

Guide on Opening a Hotel

  • Choose the right location: The best hotels are those that are set up in strategic places where people can easily access them. If you are located in the middle of nowhere and you do not have a solid marketing strategy, chances are that people will not find you.
  • Have a professional website: The number of people using the internet has been increasing over the years. This means that more people are likely to find your hotel if it is available online. Have a professional website that is accessible on mobile devices.
  • Know your target market: Before you start selling at a hotel, you need to define who your target market is. Are you looking for vacationers? Do you want to serve a certain demographic? By clearly defining your market, you will be able to curate services.

Consult heavily with other hotel owners and keep doing research.

What Hotel Websites Must Have

If you are in the hotel business or you are thinking of venturing into it, you should definitely have a professional website. There are more people who access services online and they need to find your hotel online. It is not enough to simply have a website. The website should be professional and user friendly.

Have Details of the Hotel

The most important details about the hotel should be on the website. Things like location, menu, charges and different delivery options should not miss from the website. The website should also have an “About” page that summarizes what the hotel is all about.

Make it User Friendly

The number of people, including young children, who are using mobile devices has increased significantly over the years. For you to make sales as a hotel owner, your website should be mobile-friendly. You should also use an interface that is easy to access and use. It should also not take too long to load.

If you are struggling with creating a website, you should consider working with a professional web designer who will come up with the right website for your hotel.

Benefits of Reading Hotel Reviews

If you are thinking of staying in a hotel, the first step should be to read the reviews. There are many reviews and comments online that will let you know what you should expect when you stay at a particular hotel. Some of the benefits of reading hotel reviews are:

Saves Time and Money

Checking out the ratings and reviews that the hotel has gotten over time will save you time and money. You do not want to risk getting into a lowly rated hotel and ending up wasting your time and money. You should however be aware that there are people who give fake reviews on products and services. You should do your due diligence and not take all reviews as gospel truth.

Avoids Disappointments

Reviews give you a glimpse of what you should expect when you check into a specific hotel. This helps you to avoid the stress and disappointment that comes when you book a hotel only to realize that it is not what you were expecting.

Allows Asking For Specific Services

Reading reviews will make it easier for you to know about services that are lacking at a certain hotel. You then have the opportunity to ask the hotel owners to make necessary changes when possible. You also have the chance to plan accordingly. For instance, if a hotel does not have Wi-fi and it is written in the reviews, you can boost your phone internet coverage.

Read reviews from many sites so that you are sure to be getting an objective review.

How Hotels Should Handle Negative Reviews

If you are in the hotel industry, then chances are that you will get negative reviews. It is not the time to get angry and defensive. A negative review should be handled with calmness and maturity. How hotels handle the review gives a lasting impression.

Understand the Situation

Do not be quick to respond to an online review for the sake of it. Do your research on how other businesses handle negative reviews and borrow from their best practices. Do not be quick to apologize. Ask the reviewer to elaborate on their experience. Feel free to take things offline when necessary.

Make Changes

If the review is a legit complaint about your services, it is time to make the necessary changes. If it concerns customer care, talk to your employees about the importance of good customer care. Make sure that other potential customers know that you have made the necessary changes by responding to the review.

Apologize When Necessary

Sometimes, the best way to handle negative reviews is to take responsibility and apologize. Assure the reviewer and other potential customers that the experience will not happen again. Where possible, offer complimentary services or gifts.

Remember that how you handle negative reviews has a big impact on the future of your business.

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