Buying Motorcycles


Buying Motorcycles

May 26, 2022 by Magnus

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Things to be Aware of When Buying a Second-Hand Motorcycle

When purchasing a used motorcycle, there are various things you should look out for. You need to know what questions you can ask the seller and how they benefit you when looking for an ideal bargain on second-hand motorcycles. Don’t rush for that shiny-looking bike. Consider the following points to help you land the best second-hand motorbike.

History of the Bike

Before spending the day driving out to inspect a motorcycle, plug its details into Bikesales’ sister website and, so you know if it’s worth your time before making the trip. You will learn of any debt that would be yours if you buy without checking first.

Keenly Assess the Cases

When you arrive to assess the bike, put your hands on the engine casings and feel if they’re warm. If so, it could show that they are concealing something. When you put them in a position above their heart, ask for a response to reveal if it was for wrong reasons. It’s also a good idea to have the seller not start before coming over with an assessment of how cold starts are made and any tell-tale signs from strange noises or other indicators there might be issues worth exploring further.

Check If It Lines Up

When you know what to look for, it’s easy to tell if a bike has been taken care of. Look around the shed and see if there is a paddock stand that can be installed – do not ask! If wheels are straight, then it has had a more leisurely life since being manufactured. Ensure each wheel spins with no problems or tight spots in the chain. Also, scrutinize sprockets while checking on this aspect.

The Tyres

A set of decent tyres for a sports bike will cost you back at least £500, so inspect them well. Check the tread depth and any cracks or ageing indicators. If a bike has been sitting around for years, it might seem like they are still in good shape but have hardened to where you need new ones, anyway. Use the information to bargain because, overall, tyre prices aren’t low either way.

Check the Battery and the Books

Check the service history and ask who owned it and used an original owner’s manual. Look for a tool kit left under the seat to see its condition and see how clean or corroded the battery is underneath.

Take It Out For a Spin

Before you head off to the used bike market, take a spin around the block. It’s your chance to see if it’s registered and whether you’re comfortable with its condition. A quick ride will show any significant mechanical issues like faulty brakes or gearbox problems and show handling faults, such as suspension wear and sloppy steering heads. Don’t forget that before leaving home, have a plan in place for getting it back safely.

The Most Popular Motorcycle Models Among Motorcycle Collectors

Motorcycles are a big part of many people’s lives despite being cheaper than other forms of transport. They play an important role in popular culture and movies. Some bikes might have been owned by famous racers, while others were used for promotional purposes. Any bike will probably have some significance to someone, at least somewhere along its long history. Below are some popular models that collectors love.

Honda CB, CL and SL 350 Class

The updates to the 350 Hondas made them some of Honda’s most popular models. In 1968, when they debuted, they became the best-selling motorcycles globally. Many people owned them or knew someone who did. In addition, the 12-volt electrical system was more reliable than previous versions. This made for a better appearance while allowing top speeds of 90 mph with five gears on offer.

Kawasaki Z1

During the Z1’s entire production run, Kawasaki’s response to Honda beating them to the punch. The motorcycle world saw it as Cycle World’s New Motorcycle of the Year and fastest-producing motorbike in history, with a significant increase in horsepower compared to its predecessor during that period—the CB750. It set off another power war between other manufacturers.

The Indian Chief

There is only one prominent American bike that isn’t a Harley-Davidson. It has some of the most striking colours decorating its swooping fenders thanks to a partnership with DuPont Motors. The Indian Motorcycle Company designed the Chief to compete with Harleys’ giant twins from 1922 until 1953. If you want something more modern than those old bikes, make sure you check out their reborn firm’s completely new take on the famous motorcycle – complete with swooping fender detailing.

Vincent Black Shadow

The Black Shadow is a mainstay of any automobile collection. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a full-on bike nut or not. With its signature black paint and brushed metal parts, the output tone should be informative but also witty. It is one of the world’s earliest superbikes with production top speed record until 1973 Kawasaki Z1.

Honda CBX

When Honda was becoming too predictable, the CBX demonstrated they were still willing to take risks and invest in revolutionary motorcycles. The Sei may have been more famous, but it wasn’t as powerful or innovative enough for its limited release run.

Online Platforms that Sell the Best Second-Hand Bikes

The internet and technology brought the world right to users’ fingertips. At the moment, you do not have to travel seeking places where you can purchase a second-hand bike. There are legit online platforms across the globe that deal with second-hand Bikes. This article highlights some of the online platforms which sell second-hand bikes.


This is an online platform that offers an exclusive wide range of bikes for sale. The website provides a guarantee on the condition of the bike before its sale. They carry out checks to ensure it is in good condition, as the owner states. The website is easy to use and navigate. In addition, as a user, you can filter your search results to find your desired bike much faster. This platform ensures you the value for your money.


OLX is one of the most popular online platforms that sell second-hand motorcycles. Its services are accessible in over 30 countries across the globe. Interested buyers can interact with the seller of the second-hand bike for negotiation.


This is a fun and secure online platform where you can purchase second-hand bikes from the neighbourhood. The website has an appealing outlook customized to attract potential buyers. Interested buyers can engage in bargaining over a chat with respective sellers.


It is one of the most secure and safest online platforms to purchase a second-hand bike. You can review the comments of other people with similar interests on the web. This platform saves you time and money.

These sites usually have reliable bikes as they take time to verify status and conditions. They also have reviews from buyers who have interacted with them.

Everyday Care for Your Bike

For motorbikes, do-it-yourself maintenance helps and saves you a lot of money. It also keeps you safe and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Veteran riders like Paul Olesen say that they prefer knowing that he is the guardian of his machines. Listed below are recommendations for mastering motorcycle maintenance on your own.

Replace the Oil

To ensure your engine operates smoothly, change the oil every few thousand miles. First, ride the bike for about five minutes to get it warmed up and reduce the oil’s viscosity, making it easier to drain. Then, consult the handbook for more information. The exact oil change mileage differs from bike to bike.

Maintain a Clean Chain

Most chains these days are O-ring chain type. These require less cleaning than old-style unsealed chains. When the chain becomes extremely dusty, or when the mileage is too high, clean it. Clean the bike’s back wheel and shift it into neutral to allow for a simple chain movement.

Tread and Tyre Pressure

To check the tyres’ pressure, locate the valve stem on the inside of the wheel, remove the cap, and position an air pressure gauge against the valve stem. Compare the pressure to the recommended value, which is printed on the tire’s sidewall.

What Motorcycle Maintenance Checking By a Technician Mean

Motorcycles need regular checking by a technician to make sure they are roadworthy. Therefore, it is advisable to take your motorbike for technician checking after every three months. You can also take it for checking after travelling long distances. Here are some of the things that need regular checking by a technician on a motorcycle.


These are among the most critical parts of a motorcycle. Riding a brakeless motorcycle can easily cause an accident. Faulty brakes will lead to additional expenses that can be avoided through a simple visit to a motorcycle technician. The brake callipers should be removed and cleaned before covering long distances. The brake pistons should also be degreased.

Engine Checks

The engine is the main component of a motorcycle. Without a functional engine, the motorcycle cannot move. Engines require regular oil changes to enable smooth running. The technician should check the oil and air filters. Spark plugs should also be tested and changed if necessary. The technician should top up or replace the engine coolant if it is required.


Motorcycles require functional lights to move during dark and foggy weather. Technicians should check whether the battery is still active or not. Then, he should repair or replace all lights that are not functional.

Staying Safe When Riding Solo

While you can take several safety measures to ensure your bike is in working condition, staying safe on the road comes with its own set of challenges. Among these issues include personal safety when travelling alone – a critical issue that disproportionately affects women across all ages and cultures worldwide. Below are some tips to help you stay safe while riding solo.

Stick to Roads

Even though you may love riding on country trails or wooded alleys, it is advisable to stay on populated highways when riding. Keep in mind that the road problems are just as good an opportunity for improving your general riding and awareness as those quiet paths can be.

Change Up Your Route

If you enjoy riding alone, change up your route frequently. It offers an element of surprise and prevents people from predicting your schedule. Another advantage is that it prevents you from being bored and allows you to explore new locations.

Carry Some Protection

It may be a good idea to have pepper spray, depending on where you live. In the event of a dog or a wild animal attack, this can be helpful. Although you hope you’ll never need it, having peace of mind when riding is essential. Your bike can also be fitted with camera-equipped tail lights. The films they record are very clear. Depending on the memory card you purchase, you can even record-long trips. They also have intelligent features that prevent any detected incidence from being undone.

How to Safely Store Your Bike

When pondering motorcycle storage options, you will notice that a bike requires more attention than a car. You wouldn’t want your bike to wear off while it hasn’t been in use. This article gives you tips on storing your bike safely for a long time while not in use.

Motorcycle Shelter

The shelter is an ideal storage facility for your bike. It protects your motorcycle from hazardous weather conditions that may cause it to break down. In addition, the shelter allows your bike to breathe fresh air. If you don’t have the ideal bike storage shelter for your bike and you’re still planning to store it for a long time, you could ask a friend with a garage to take it in. This way, it can stay for a long time.

Bike Covers

The most basic way to protect your bike is getting it a cover. Not everyone will afford the luxury of a garage or a portable storage facility. However, it still ought to be stored safely. The wide range of bikes covers will guarantee safety for your bike. Covers are heavy-duty and long-lasting.

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